Are Honda Generators Worth the Money?

Are you looking for a reputable generator brand that is reliable and available at an affordable cost? If yes, then Honda generators are the ideal option for you. 

Honda generators are known for their durability, quality, reliability, and design, making them worth the money. Since its beginnings in the 1940s, Honda has become popular worldwide. They continually develop their generators, resulting in additional cutting-edge features and consistent quality.

Let’s look at what makes Honda generators worth your money.

Are Honda Generators the Best Generators You Can Buy?

The answer here depends on how you feel about the brand, how you want to use a generator, and why you need the generator. For instance, if you like the Honda brand and want to buy one of their high-quality models, you might be willing to spend a lot of money on it. 

That notwithstanding, Honda is among the best brands due to the excellent features that the generators come with. The generators from Honda are known for their dependability, reliability, and excellent running times. 

Honda generators are also known for their fuel efficiency, thus saving fuel costs and reducing emissions. The generators are also built to last. Since they offer a quiet operation, they are the ideal products, especially if you want power for domestic use or while on vacation. 

How Long Do Honda Generators Last?

There are Honda generators that consume about 5-gallons within 8 hours, depending on their load. A Honda generator can also use 2.5-gallons in 24 hours. The amount of gas that the machine can consume depends on the load attached to the generator.

A portable gas generator employed for residential emergency power can last for between 2,000 to 3,000 hours. It’s less than the time for the diesel generator, which is 20,000-30,000 hours. Small generators are used less each year and can have a lifespan of even one decade. 

Follow the tips below to make your product last longer:

  • Keep the filters and oil plentiful.
  • Purchase a backup or warranty-enabled generator.
  • Power up the generator every 3-months.
  • Do your homework.
  • Fill up the tank.
  • Prevent motor burn-out. 

Considerations When Purchasing Honda Generator

Even though Honda offers a variety of generators, it’s important to understand that not all these products will meet your needs. To get a model that meets your needs effectively, follow the below factors: 

Fuel Capacity

The amount of fuel that any generator uses will determine its runtime before you get to refill it again. 

For average home use, it would be better to acquire an option that holds at least 5-gallons of gas. The models can offer about 7 hours of continuous operation. 

However, you can also consider fuel-efficient options such as the Honda 2000, which can operate on a single gallon of gas for up to 9.6 hours. A commercial generator like the Honda 6500 consumes 1-gallon of gas per hour when operating at full capacity. 

The Honda EM, EG, and EB series come with a large fuel capacity. It means that you can run these generators for a long time without refueling regularly. For instance, since the EU generators have a high fuel efficiency, they can operate for up to 20 hours on one gas tank. 

It would be better to understand your power consumption volume and needs when considering a generator to buy. Heavy fuel power generators are priced higher than less fuel power generators. 

Generator Power Output

As far as the power output is concerned, you must first determine the total watts of the systems you would like to power with your Honda generator. The generator you go for should provide consistent power to meet your needs. 

You need to understand that power fluctuations can ruin your equipment and systems. Most generators, including Honda models, don’t have a lot of power output to run everything in your home but can damage multiple systems. 

For instance, a Honda 1000 watt product machine that generates 120V is just enough for your lights, tools, computers, and TV. Such an option is quiet, fuel-efficient, and portable. 

If you want a generator that runs most of the home systems and equipment, select a generator like the Honda 6500 that outputs 120-240V. Such generators will allow you to power washers, air compressors, and large power tools. 

Portability of The Generator

Ask yourself whether you want a generator for your home alone or your RV too. If you would love to move the machine around, then you must consider its portability. 

In such a case, you should pick an option from the Honda EU series. Portable generators manufactured by Honda can be easily carried since some weigh below 46 pounds. Most of the models have an output power of 120V, with some hitting 240V. 

Honda generators are also quiet, meaning that you don’t need to worry about constant noise. The heavy generators have a wheel kit for easy transportation. 


No one wants to buy a generator that breaks down after just a few years of operation. When purchasing a generator, it would help to consider its assembly and construction. Assess the generator components and compare them with the competitors. 

The best generator is one designed and developed with high-quality materials to withstand different environmental conditions. Go for a product that’ll operate for a long time with minimal downtime. 

If you want to be guaranteed durability, pick a generator that has full-frame protection. Even generators are reinforced with standing legs to prevent wear and damage from direct contact with the surface. 


There are Honda products that are complex to operate. For instance, it’s easy to come across a generator with a starter rope that requires extra strength to start. It would help to go for a product that has an electric start. 

Instead of buying a generator with electronic ignition, go for one with a mechanical-point ignition. It can make the operation easier and help with performance improvement. 

The automatic start is one useful feature that most generators have. It enables the generator to start without manual help if there is a power outage. Go for such a generator if you don’t want a manual generator. 

Voltage Control

You should spend a lot of time here, especially if you’re comparing various products against a variety of stated prices. However, different models come with different voltage regulators, thus impacting the sale price. 

For instance, you’ll come across brushless generators that have an inexpensive yet robust construction. Even though they are among the popular products, they have the least voltage control, leading to power fluctuations. 

In such a situation, select a Honda generator with an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for voltage control. You’ll also come across models that have a (DVR) Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator. A DVR maintains the stability of the voltage within a +/- 1 percentage change while the generator is operating. 

There is a thermistor in place to prevent the generator from overheating. The Honda EM and EB series generators are designed with an iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator) technology. The system has a current transformer, a self-tuning regulator, a digital ignition, and a control unit. 

An iAVR ensures that the generator supplies constant power for different loads. 

Transfer Switch

Transfer switches are either manual or automatic. For an emergency Honda model, the switch is normally automatic. All Honda EU and Em models function effectively with a transfer switch meaning that you can easily power your critical home appliances. 

If your generator lacks an automatic switch, there is an option of getting a manual switch. However, automation doesn’t provide any cost benefits. 

For the case of manual switches, your selection and switch location depend on whether you just want emergency loads or power the whole building. 

In such a situation, a technician can help you determine the perfect switch ideal for your energy usage. 

Generator Noise Level

Honda generators are known for producing constant noise that can lead to ear irritation due to extended exposure. The noise can be uncomfortable at night, making the generators not ideal for RVing, camping, and outdoor activities. 

We recommend that you check the decibel rating of a generator before purchasing one. Understand that the noise level of a generator becomes ten times powerful for every 10 decibels. However, Honda 4-stroke generators are reputable for their quiet operation. 

Fuel Type

The most common fuel type options for emergency generators include natural gas, diesel, and propane. Even though gasoline may appear like a great option, it’s viewed as a weak fuel type thanks to its short stability life. 

The cost of fuel can also be a key factor while considering the type of fuel. The capacity of the generator determines how much it’ll cost you on fuel. 

The availability of a certain fuel type is also a critical consideration. For instance, certain cities have in place local codes restricting the presence of propane. 

Service & Support

Consider how easy it is to get the support for the generator you want to buy. If you buy a delicate or complex unit, it might take you significant time to get linked with a technician. 

You should also consider buying a generator whose repair parts are easily available. Ensure the generator has a warranty with adequate information on covered services and repairs. 

Top 5 Honda Generators to Consider

Honda has an extensive lineup of great generators, but below are five of the best generators from the brand that you should definitely consider when deciding which unit to purchase.

1. Honda EG5000

If you’re after a reliable and good quality generator, the Honda EG5000 model is the best solution for you. The generator is designed with a capacity of 6.3 gallons and can operate for at least 11 hours. You can employ different power outlets at 120V or 240V to power different electronics and devices. 

The generator operates at a peak power of 5000 watts, meaning it’s ideal for running various appliances around the house. You can comfortably use the product as a backup power system if the electricity goes out. 

If you intend to buy the generator, you need to understand that it is perfect for use in a small home. It comes with a fuel gauge to make it easier for you to monitor the fuel you’re using to power your home. 

However, the product has received criticism from several reviewers complaining that it produces more noise than other options. If you’re seeking a quiet generator, this isn’t the perfect solution for you. 

You’ll like the generator for its reliability since it’s built to last. Before buying the generator, understand that it doesn’t have wheels for transportation thus not portable. 

2. Honda EM5000SX

The Honda EM5000SX is an upgrade of the EG5000 model. Since it is an improvement of the EG5000 model, it presents even better features. Even though it is heavier than the EG5000 model, it is equally reliable and has limited the noise challenge experienced by the model.

The product uses gasoline and runs more quietly, producing 63 dB maximum. It’s lower compared to the more than 70 dB experienced in the EG5000.

The model retains most of the good features from the EM5000SX. It offers plenty of output for running various appliances. 

The model has a capacity of 6 gallons and can run for at least 11 hours at ½ load. If you don’t mind a bulky and big generator within your garage or home, it’s a perfect model. 

You’ll like the generator, thanks to its reliability and easy-to-start capabilities. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. 

Unlike the EG5000, this model is designed with wheels and is ideal for moving around the garage or house. 

However, several people have complained of the product being bulky and therefore difficult to move from one place to another. 

3. Honda EU2200i

The Honda EU2200i is the best inverter generator type on our list. It’s also the highest-rated model for portability and weighs about 46.5 lbs. You can easily throw it in your truck and take it with you to a campsite. 

Thanks to the several functions and features packed into a small package, the generator model isn’t the cheapest option available. However, the size notwithstanding, the generator is built to last. 

Since the fuel tank is less than 1-gallon, you shouldn’t expect to use the product for heavy-duty purposes. If you’re using the product at half load, expect to use it for at least 4-hours. 

The peak watt for this model is 2200W. While the Honda EU2200i is perfect for portable appliances and applications on a worksite to use several power tools, it won’t be a good backup for the whole house. 

It’s an inverter-type product meaning that it will convert current to DC signal automatically; thus, you don’t need to worry about it damaging your devices. For instance, it’s safe to use the generator on your laptop. 

Another advantage of using this generator is that it has a low noise level compared to the models we have highlighted above. It’s designed with a noise level of 48dB. 

The generator is also portable and lightweight. You can therefore take it out on a camping trip and use them directly with devices. 

4. Honda EG6500

The Honda EG6500 is among the most portable generators. It is ideal for you if you want to power many devices and provide large amounts of power far away from the main electricity.

For instance, you can use this generator when you need electricity on a worksite that doesn’t have mains electricity yet or when you’re operating a mobile catering business. 

The generator is portable and still offers high power capacity. It is designed with a peak/rated power of 6500/5500. It’s, therefore, the best option for you if you would like to have many different devices plugged in and functioning at the same time. 

You can use the generator for up to 10 hours at half load, with the fuel tank having about 6.3 liters. The model operates on gasoline. 

The model is designed with a Honda-specific digital auto voltage regulation system to help it operate efficiently and stay in manner. 

However, the model is heavy compared to some of the models we have explored above. It also produces a lot of noise and is rated at 70dB. 

5. Honda EM4000S

The EM4000S is a portable generator with quality features. Even though it boasts a weight of about 204 lbs, it presents a perfect option for those looking for a portable product. Its handles and wheels make it easy to move from place to place. 

The model doesn’t produce as much power as some of the brands we have seen above. However, it makes up for it because it can use one tank of gasoline in 16 hours. 

If you’re after a generator that enables you to use many appliances simultaneously, then Honda EM4000S isn’t the option for you. However, for low-wattage applications, you can employ this model without any challenges. 

The model also happens to be more quiet compared to some products on our list. With a decibel rating of 60, the product is certainly bearable. Its heavyweight can be attributed to the fact that it’s sturdy. 

Its hard-wearing wheels make it easier to move it around. The product is also reputable for being highly durable.

Which Is Better: Yamaha or Honda Generators?

The better generator between the two depends on your needs and budget. For instance, while Honda focuses on inverter or sine-wave energy generators that are quiet, easy to handle, lightweight, and perfect for sensitive electronics, Yamaha focuses on designing compact, quiet, and fuel-efficient products. Generally, Yamaha is quieter than the Honda generators. 

If you’re after a more modern design and technology product, Yamaha is the best solution since it focuses on the modern consumer’s demands. However, if you’re seeking a simple product that is highly dependable and has no fuss, Honda is the ideal brand. 

Both Honda and Yamaha are designed for fuel efficiency. Select a brand that is perfect for your needs. 



Honda is a proven and reputable brand that has been around since the late 1940s. The brand’s generators are reputable for their durability, quality, reliability, and good design. 

If you have decided to purchase a Honda product, you can select from any models we have highlighted above. However, there are certain considerations that you need to remember while selecting a generator to buy and include the generator’s fuel capacity, power output, portability, among others. 

For your Honda generator to last longer, you should implement regular maintenance. Here, you can involve a competent technician. 


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