10 Top Generator Brands (Best Brands for Home and Work)

Having a good quality generator keeps essential home functions working even when the weather is tough. Food in the fridge doesn’t need to be spoiled and if you’re working from home, your job wouldn’t need to be interrupted. If you’re planning to purchase a new generator anytime soon, you’re most likely wondering, which is the top generator brand, and how can you go about purchasing the best product?

Some of the most popular generator brands include Honda, Yamaha, Generac, and Wen. Each brand has its own set of characteristics and values that set them apart from the others, but they all produce incredibly high quality, fuel-efficient, and durable machines that will last for a long time.

Here, we consider some of the top brands that you should purchase for your work or home.

Generator BrandQualities and Highlights
Honda Generators 3-year warranty, Bluetooth connectivity, quiet operation, and commercial-grade motors.
Yamaha Generators Oil warning system, lightweight, advanced power transfer technology, auto dry fuel tank feature, and Smart Throttle to adjust depending on the load.
WEN Generators Fuel-efficient, quiet, cost-effective, detailed user manual, very user-friendly with DC, USB, and AC receptacles.
Champion GeneratorsDual fuel technology, good runtime, low oil shut-off sensor, 3-year warranty, and lifetime free technical support.
Westinghouse GeneratorsFree technical support, easy to maintain, very user-friendly, good runtime, remote start or stop.
Generac GeneratorProduces the smallest generator in the industry, USB port for DC charging, compact design, lightweight, and LED indicators when overloaded.
Pulsar GeneratorsExtremely quiet operation, easy to operate, compact design, and extremely lightweight.
Durostar GeneratorPowerful output, ideal for rugged terrain, extremely quiet operation.
Firman Generators 1-year warranty, very heavy-duty, high-quality wheels and handles.
Briggs and Stratton GeneratorsIncluded carbon monoxide guard, invert technology, low fuel consumption, and extremely quiet.

1. Honda Generators

Honda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that is reputable for producing quality generators. The company is also known for manufacturing quality batteries, power tools, and home enhancement equipment. 

The brand has been around for at least 80 years and has a proven record of offering long-lasting, robust, quality products. You just need to look around and see why Honda products are the most sought-after globally. 

The generators from Honda stand out from the rest, thanks to the following features:

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Sturdy frame
  • Powerful motors
  • Compact form factor

Honda was among the first brands to develop quiet motors meant for use in domestic and RV settings. The brand is therefore ideal when it comes to both domestic and commercial applications. 

The top pick from the Honda brand is the Honda EU2200iTAg 2200-Watt super quiet inverter generator. The generator is among the quietest products in the industry, providing a stable power of 2200W for domestic applications such as HVAC, lights, refrigerators, etc. 

The generator weighs 46.5 pounds and can operate for at least 8 hours on a single gallon of diesel. It’s, therefore, the best product for emergencies since you can use it overnight without having to worry about fuel sufficiency. 

The generator is designed with Bluetooth connectivity, auto shut-off, oil change mechanism, and carbon monoxide detector, making it ideal for home use. 

2. Yamaha Generators

Yamaha is also a Japanese company that has been in the industry for a very long time. Apart from being reputable for developing quality motorcycles, Yamaha is also a household name for producing power equipment and tools such as generators.

Yamaha managed to stay on top of the games thanks to advanced research and development. The company has offered tough competition to Honda, which is a local generator brand. 

One notable model from the Yamaha brand is the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 1600W gas-powered portable generator. It’s a home-use product that has proven over time to be energy-efficient

The blue-colored inverter generator for household and RV applications has an air-cooled 4-stroke motor that whirls quietly. It also produces stable power for at least 10 hours on a full tank of 1.1 gallons. 

The model is also lighter than the Honda brand, although with a higher noise rating of up to 61 dBA. There is an option of connecting two EF2000s to get double power. You’ll like the product’s compact size having a volume of 2.2 cubic feet. It also comes with essentials.

3. WEN Generators

WEN has been around since 1951 and is the pioneer of power tools in the United States. The brand claims to be among the first and most affordable generators to incorporate power into power tools. If you buy a Wen generator, you’re sure of getting the best deal for your home backup. 

The benefit of going for WEN products is that they comply with the compliance standards set by authorities and agencies more than any other brand. For instance, you’re likely to get a clean energy generator if you buy a WEN generator. 

One notable model of the WEN brand is the WEN 56200i 2000W gas-powered inverter generator. The model is designed to produce 1,600W and supports both DC and AC output. It’s perfect for RVs, construction sites, and homes. The product is designed with an intelligent power transfer that ensures adjustment according to the load. 

The generator produces a pure sinusoidal wave output free from spikes and surges. The output power is also produced from clean fuel. 

WEN designs this model with a compact and good panel that is easier to control. For instance, if you want to charge your phone, you can do it straight from your panel. 

The noise level of the product is low. Since this generator doesn’t squeak, we recommend it for use in any home environment. 

4. Champion Generators

Champion is also a homegrown American brand that claims to be a leader in producing top brand generators and power equipment. Almost anybody who has ever used a Champion product speaks highly of it. 

The company was started in 2003 and had its headquarters in Wisconsin. Since its launch, Champion has sold over 3 million generators globally. 

Apart from pioneering the V-Twin engine, the brand is also reputable for manufacturing robust RV-ready portable generators. 

One notable model of the Champion brand is the Champion power equipment 76533 dual fuel portable generator. 

The 3800W Champion dual-fuel generator has two key features:

  • The cold start technology: It’s a key feature that allows you to start your motor even in extremely cold conditions. If you stay in the north, there is every reason why you should go for this heavy-duty portable generator. 
  • The machine is a low maintenance product: It’s designed with a motor toggle switch, an oil auto-shutoff sensor, and a spacious control panel.

Even though Champion recommends monthly maintenance, this model can operate for a long period with minimum upkeep and maintenance. 

5. Westinghouse Generators

Westinghouse is another reputable American brand that has been in operation since 1886. The company is among the best sellers of easy-to-use power station equipment, garden tools, generators, and pressure washers. Westinghouse is known for producing simple products that both laymen and professionals can apply.

The Westinghouse WGEN7500 portable generator is one reputable product of the Westinghouse brand that many users have rated highly. The WGEN7500 generator is a remote-controlled power generator. It makes it the ideal whole-house solution, especially if you have a large home and want to keep the backup machine outside or in the shed.

The generator is also perfect for construction sites, RVs, and other routine applications. However, the model requires periodic maintenance to keep it in good shape. The machine is designed with a VFT display that offers information on voltage output, frequency, usage, and consumption. 

If your home experiences a lot of outages and you seek a reliable backup, the Westinghouse brand has got you covered. 

6. Generac Generator

If you’re looking for an American brand that has been influencing the power equipment industry globally, then Generac generator is the best option for you. The company has manufacturing facilities in other parts of the world, including Berlin. 

The company was launched in 1959 and has focussed only on producing power generation products. If you decide to purchase a Generac brand, you’ll receive a piece of technology founded on many years of serious research and development on one line of business. 

The company stands out for producing lightweight generators.

One model that stands out is the Generac GP2500i portable generator. The model is available in black and orange colors and weighs 56 pounds. It’s also easier to operate and carry around. You’ll also purchase it at an affordable cost compared to other brands. 

However, its operating wattage of 2200 is low, thus not perfect for huge construction sites and large homes where you’re using heavy-duty tools. You can buy this product for use in smaller houses.

7. Pulsar Generators

Even though Pulsar isn’t a very popular brand like some of the brands we have highlighted above, it still produces some top-quality products. The Canadian brand is known for producing compact generators that can comfortably fit in your backyard. 

You’ll automatically fall in love with the brand, thanks to its noiseless properties and quality aesthetics. 

If you want a good model from the Pulsar brand, we recommend that you buy the Pulsar PG2300iS gas-powered generator. We consider this model to be the best outdoor generator in the industry. 

The product has a compact suitcase-style design, has a noiseless operation, and weighs about 48 pounds. Such features are what make it compete with household brands like Yamaha and Honda. However, what makes it perfect for many users is its affordable price range. 

If you’re looking for affordable but reliable generators with a competent customer support center in Canada and the United States, don’t hesitate to go for this brand. 

The only challenge is that the machine operates on gasoline. If you’re a freelance construction specialist, hobbyist, or home use, we recommend that you go for this product. 

8. Durostar Generator

DuroMax manufactures the Durostar brand. DuroMax is a reputable company that was started in 2003 in Ontario. The DuroPower (Durostar generator manufacturing company) is based in California. 

The Durostar brand follows strict guidelines and rigorous tests in its manufacturing process and production phase. If you purchase any product from the company, you’ll have a one-year and 30-day replacement warranty. 

The model offers a great option, especially for industrial consumers. Durostar generators enjoy excellent ratings and are EPA-approved. With a rating of below 70 decibels, the products operate almost noiselessly. 

Even though most Durostar products are gas-powered, you can still get propane, diesel, liquid, and gas-fueled models. The company, however, doesn’t develop inverter and standby generators.

If you’re looking for a Durostar model perfect for challenging terrain, go for the Durostar XP440E. We also recommend that you go for the DS4000S model if you’re targeting RV use. 

Popular Durostar models include:

  • DuroStar DS12000EH
  • DuroStar DS7000Q
  • DuroStar DS10000EH
  • DuroStar DS4000WGE
  • DuroStar DS5500EH

9. Firman Generators

Firman is an underrated generator brand globally. Firman’s advantage over competitors is that it manages the development of generators from start to end without involving a third-party vendor. 

The products offer a better promise compared to other brands, and the promise include claims that the products are: 

  • Built to last
  • Ideal for all conditions
  • They are standardized
  • The products are read for different weather elements

The most reputable model of the Firman brand is the P05702 7100/5700 Watt Remote Start gas generator. The model is meant for commercial purposes thanks to its sturdier build and higher wattage.

The generator weighs about 214 pounds and is designed with a remote start motor. It’s the perfect solution for construction workers who don’t like moving around to use a generator. If you want to start or stop it, just use the remote control. 

Whether you’re using the generator for commercial or household purposes, the Firman brand will function effectively. It’s designed with the ability to withstand even the toughest weather and load. 

10. Briggs and Stratton Generators

The Wisconsin-based generator manufacturer has the widest market of any brand on the list. The company also has eight facilities across Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia, China, Canada, and 13 more in the US. It also exports products to over 100 countries globally. 

Even though the company has been around for about a century, it has managed to stay on top of the industry thanks to innovation and research. 

The most popular model of this brand is the Briggs & Stratton P4500 PowerSmart generator. The model promises power output for any sensitive electronic appliances and devices. 

If you’re after a generator that is ideal for overloading household appliances, extreme construction, and aggressive use of power, go for the Briggs & Stratton brand. 

Most of the models under this brand can handle different loads for at least 10 hours. Even though there is no remote control, the generators come with recoil and electric start options. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Generator


If you want to get an energy-efficient and reliable generator brand, there are factors you must consider:

The Size of Generator 

Consider the amount of power that you need for your business or home. Consider the power demand during the peak season. From that information, you can then determine the size of the generator that can meet your power requirements. 

The Type of Fuel

Consider the type of fuel you must select for your generator. Some of the sources of fuel for most generators include natural gas, diesel, or propane. Select a generator that uses a cheaper source of fuel. The type of fuel you select should also be readily available. 

Where to Place the Generator

We recommend that you put your generator where you can access it easily. The generator should be raised to avoid rising water levels. You should locate it away from exits and entrances to your house. 

For natural gas generators, ensure the location is closer to a natural gas source. 


Go for a generator that is easy to install. However, we recommend that you contact a professional electrician to help you out. 

The electrician should have vast experience in installing generators. 


Only buy a generator that offers a reasonable warranty. A longer warranty period means that the manufacturer has enough confidence that their product won’t fail. 

It’s therefore important to compare the warranty of the two brands before purchasing the product. 

The Price

You also need to consider the price of the generator. You should only go for what you can afford. You need to also factor in the cost of installation and maintenance. Ensure you operate within your budget. 

However, you don’t have to compromise quality at the expense of cost. 


The above ten brands constitute the best generators you’ll ever get anywhere in the United States. You can comfortably select any model from the brands we have recommended if you’re looking for an energy-efficient and effective generator. 

However, the decision to buy the best generator should depend on your needs. It would also help if you considered the factors that we highlighted above before you buy a generator. 


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