4 Ways to Find When Your Generac Generator Was Made

When it comes to getting repairs, selling your generator, or simply getting a manufacturer’s guide for reference, having some of the more specific info about your generator may be required to make progress on any of those fronts.

Thankfully, there are many methods you can use to identify your specific generator better and even find out where it was made.

There are four ways to identify where you can locate your Generac generator manufacturer date:

  1. On the side of the generator’s frame
  2. Lower frame support
  3. The inner part of the frame assembly
  4. Side of the maintenance cover

This information can be highly relevant to some generators because they may have certain specifications that vary from model to model.

Before we go on a deep dive about getting some of the more nuanced information regarding any specific generator, let us briefly chat about what a generator is and how it functions.

What is a Generator in the First Place?

A generator serves primarily as a backup power supply in a crisis or emergency. Still, you can also utilize it in other unique situations that are not as intense as a dire need in the neighborhood.

One example of this would be if you are building a newer homestead in a room area, or your job site is a significant distance away from civilization, you may not have electricity. 

In just such an event, a generator (or several depending on the magnitude of the project and the number of people on hand making use of the one generator) will provide some much-needed power to keep your operation running.

Another more simplified instance would be taking your family on a camping trip, but you did not want to go without some of your more needed accessories.

What Are the Easiest Ways to Identify a Generator?

In most cases, generators have the brand name of whoever made it plastered on the side. 

Typically, large letters are almost impossible to miss, but wear and tear over time can easily have worn the lettering away, making it a more challenging endeavor to find out which generator you are dealing with.

Traditionally speaking, most generators have four places to look to get the information you are seeking which usually comes from your generator’s model name and serial number. 

When you have these bits of information on hand, a simple Google search can provide you with all the information you need on the generator itself. 

More often than not, links to repair facilities in your area can either get it back up and running if it has fallen into a state of disrepair or give you a clear indicator of where you need to go should things take a turn for the worst.

Generac generators are no different from the norm, and as such, you can find that very same information in four particular places. 

Note: You may want to bring a wet rag and ensure the device is in the off position if dirt and grime have obscured the label you are looking for.

As mentioned above, there are four ways to find out the location of your Generac generators manufacturer date:

  1. On the side of the generator’s frame
  2. Lower frame support
  3. The inner part of the frame assembly
  4. Side of the maintenance cover

How Old is Generac Generator?

Assuming we are discussing the company Generac itself, they have been around for quite a while. Generac was established in 1959 by Robert Kern. 

The company itself has had a relatively successful aging process despite changing hands several times over the last fifty years. 

That being said, the company has settled in a very comfortable position with several prestigious awards under its belt, ranging from the “Milwaukee Magazine’s” best places to work award and the 2014 Natural Gas Company of the Year award.

Also, if we were speaking directly of a particular unit, you would not need to do more than look up the model and serial number to get a detailed view of how old your specific generator is. 

It’s worth noting the model and serial number varies on each series, considering that below are the ways you can find the model and serial number locations on every sequel to date.

  • iX: To identify a member of the iX series, you would want to look at the bottom left side of the maintenance cover.
  • XG, XP: Identifying this series is as easy as checking the lower frame support located directly under the engine itself.
  • GP: This series has a bit of variance but nothing too significant. Make sure to check for a sticker on the inner part of the frame assembly, and you will get the model and serial numbers there.

If your sticker is not there, you probably have a GP17500E or a GP15000E. If this is the case, you will want to check above the battery for a small panel where the sticker displaying the information should be.

How Do I Identify My Generac Generator?

As displayed above, you will need to find the stickers showing the model and serial numbers to find out precisely what kind of generator you are working with.

After obtaining them, you can, more often than not, either Google the model and serial number to get a better display of the generator’s information or go directly to the Generac website and look up either the model or serial number and achieve the same goal.

Model & Serial Number Locations (4 Ways to Find Out)

The location of this information itself changes greatly depending on the model you are working with. 

There are currently four different models, each housing the precious information you seek in another place. 

While it may seem a bit redundant, we will go over that information again with a little more clarity to ensure you can get your generator sold or fixed and back in tip-top shape!

1. On the Side of the Generator’s Frame

Being on the side is more of a clarification than anything else because the generic model name presented mainly on the side of your generator is its “Model Name” and not the “Model Number.”

The two are quite different as one is a name, whereas the other is a specific build model. 

Bearing that in mind, the name is here, which could be anything from XG800E, EU2000i, GP65000, or any other number of possibilities. However, these are not what you are looking for. 

You want a relatively small, typically white sticker that will give you the model and serial number.

2. Lower Frame Support

The only two models with their information posted in this generator area would be the XG and XP series, respectively. 

If you find your sticker here, you know what generation of generator you are dealing with.

3. The Inner Part of the Frame Assembly

Reserved specifically for the GP series, this line of generators can also have a bit of confusion linked with them. 

In no small part, two models have their model and serial numbers in different locations than the inner part of the frame assembly.

If you have either the GP17500E or a GP15000E, your sticker will be located directly on a panel above the battery. 

While that could be confusing if you didn’t see it on the frame assembly, that’s where it would be.

4. Side of the Maintenance Cover

Last but not least, we have the iX series, which is the only one to boast of having the information you seek on the maintenance cover itself. 

Thankfully, this one doesn’t have any quirks that can change the location depending on the model name, so this one is easy to identify.

Where is the Serial Number on a Generac Generator?

Thankfully, the serial number and model name on Generac generators are located in the same spot, so you will want to reference the model and serial number guide above to find your serial number. 

The serial number will never be separate from the model name, so you will not need to worry about tracking them down individually or any of the hassles that come from other brands having such a practice.

How Long Can You Run a Generac 6500 Generator?

The 6500 is an excellent generator by design and can operate at 50% of its overall load capacity for about 10.5 hours. 

It can go for longer if you have less and significantly shorter times than 50% load capacity.

The 6500 also has a built-in hour gauge display, so you can tell precisely how much longer your generator will run before it’s lights out. 

It can be beneficial if you plan out your day was given the limited resources and schedule around sleeping or the end of a work shift.

Another fantastic boon the 6500 has on top of everything listed above would be the built-in low oil level shutdown feature. 

As you might guess, the built-in low oil level shutdown turns the entire generator off if it’s running low on oil. That alone can save you hundreds in repairs and prevent your generator from dying out long before its typical lifespan. 

How Long Does a Generac Generator Last?

While we are on the topic of lifespans, let us chat about how long most Generac generators last and what you can do to prolong those timeframes.

Before knuckling down on specific hour averages, it is worth noting that the overall lifespan essentially breaks down into how big the generator itself is, how often you use it, and how well you take care of it.

You can expect anywhere between 25 to 30 years of reliable service from your generator. That is if you take proper care of it. 

The appropriate care for your generator includes the following:

  • Routinely running it for a few hours every year so the parts do not stagnate if they have been in storage.
  • Dispose of the poor fuel.
  • Keep the generator clean.
  • Empty the tank.
  • Routinely check the oil.
  • Do not overload the generator.
  • Purchase good oil instead of the inexpensive kind.
  • Do not store too much fuel at once.

That being said, Generac typically designs its generators to last for at least 40 years. This boils down to how well you take care of the generator and what kind of strains it has to endure over those 40 years.

How Reliable are Generac Generators?

A rather tricky question to answer, but the question itself can be made easier to understand if we use the Forbes Advisor rating as our standard of reference. 

This is because Forbes advisor explicitly showcases the best home generators of the year, and as such, we can use it as a talking point as to how reliable the products themselves are.

According to Forbes advisor, Generac’s 22000-watt generator placed 4th on the list now. While this might not sound too impressive as far as ratings go, it is the context that we need to bear in mind while viewing this.

That specific context being, of all the generators designed and created in 2021, the Generac 22000 placed 4th for the entire year. 

Seeing as that is the case, it is relatively easy to say that you can safely count Generac generators on when push comes to shove.

Furthermore, other third part studies have concluded that Generac generators have reliability of roughly 99%, which is staggering. 

Still, even 99% isn’t good enough for Generac, as the company has gone on record stating that even with this incredibly high level of reliability. 

Overall, they strive to be the best generator company out there.


Generac’s standard on generators is unparalleled, and assuming you take the time to maintain your generator, you can expect it to not only outlive the typical 25-year lifespan but it will function when you need it the most. 

Coupling that with their industry standard of going above and beyond with every piece of equipment they release, you can expect to have a phenomenal product on your hands regardless of which one you go with. 

You will also have an easy time pinpointing which model you have if you buy it second-hand.


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